Anti Fog Car Mirror

Color Name: blue oval 10x15cm
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  • Safety and Security Car rearview mirror waterproof membrane is an innovation that can solve the trouble of not being able to clearly see the rearview mirror on rainy or foggy days, ensuring the safety of driving on rainy days. Recommend to buy 2 Rearview mirror films, 2 side window films.
  • Multi-function Car rear-view mirror rainproof film has ultra-clear, anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-scratch, waterproof, rainproof and other functions, providing you with unprecedented security and clear vision.
  • High-quality Materials  Anti-mist film with PET protective layer and nano-coating rain film, water droplets can spread quickly, no dew condensation, transparency up to 99.99%, high definition, effective clear vision, Driving safer.


  • Universal Compatibility 6.9*7.9 inch rectangular and 5.9*3.9 inch oval universal design rearview mirror protective film suitable for all standard size car rearview mirrors, available for most automotive, SUV, buses, off-road vehicles, taxis, truck, trailer, motorcycles, etc.
  • Installation Please use the clean cloth in the package to clean the dust and dirt off the mirror, and sprinkles some water (spray some alcohol, Car Rearview Mirror Film works better) before applying the rearview mirror waterproof film. Use the scraper to clean the water and air inside when applying the film. Do not have a bubble when installing side mirrors anti-water film. If bubbles appear you need to do a second treatment, do not discard the scraper. Use the tool to chase them away.



      Customer Reviews

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      Lourdes Mena

      Nice product

      Timoteo Cano

      The product is excellent i will order more on the side glass. By the way, i put three instead of one set. Seller recommend

      Rosa Batista

      Glued, we'll see. Remove the layer with the sticker 1, then glue and then remove the layer with the number 2. i will try to supplement it later. After the rain one mirror with film, the second without

      Lorena Jaimes

      Really film helps

      Rosa Barela

      Did not check yet

      Catalina Herrera

      Thank you! Everything is fine

      Soledad Delatorre

      The thing is really cool, came quickly, the truth helps from the rain.

      Carlota Barela

      The patches work of course, but not as shown in the pictures. They are not hydrophobic in any case. Water sticks to them. And how! She's just acting differently. The pictures are small, maybe it will not be visible.

      Olivia Lomeli

      Came fast, looks good.

      Alfonso Gamboa

      Well thank you

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