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Stimulate hair growth and say goodbye to dandruff. 

✔ BenefitsBoosts capillaries which increase blood circulation and move oxygen and nutrients through to each strand of hair. It also helps with crusty and flaky scalp caused by seborrheic dermatitis. It stimulates hormone and oil-producing glands so the oil coats the hair too, moisturizing it naturally. It can deeply clean your hair roots and massage the scalp, stimulate scalp cells for scalp treatment, relieve hair loss and promote hair growth, exfoliate and remove dandruff, relieve stress, and relax muscles (Never hurt your hair and scalp)

✔ FeaturesDry and wet manual head scalp massage brush (no battery required), Ergonomically designed handle for easy grip (whether left or right hand), Uneven bristles perfectly fit the scalp, Made with Premium ABS and silicone materials.

✔ Suitable for All: This shampoo hair brush is suitable for men, women kids and pets, also applies to any type of scalp and hair (whether your hair is thick or thin, short or long, oily or dry). Pets will also enjoy this brush for bathing or hair removal. It is also suitable for people with long and manicured nails, you won't damage your manicure during washing hair anymore!



Customer Reviews

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Ann D. Coulter

I've been using this brush since late February and TBH, it solved my itchiness and flakes problem. Have tried using shampoos and other products but this brush is really doing much better and more effective. The massage is also amazingly comfortable, you will be surprised. Try it, highly recommended!

Alicia Halberstam

The teeth is really smart. Very soft and comfortable material.. quality seems to be very good also. A good buy (: !

Corinne Clérisseau

Very compact & easy to travel with this lil wonder! Highly recommended! You can use it dry or wet both!

Mia Lagerquist

I really like this brush.. I initially thought it might hurt but in fact it really feels very good using it. Honestly it helped reducing my dandruff as well.. will be purchasing a few more extra pieces.

Majbritt Koch

Same as description: Does the promises! THE ergonomic design allows hold comb more comfortable without slipping. Silicone teeth are soft and help massage the scalp. Also help distribute best shampoo over head. THE size is ideal, the color is beautiful, the comb is compact, lightweight and easy to carry (holidays for example). In conclusion: the item is quite practical and efficient. Great purchase. 5 ☆

Jasmin Thygesen

Received mine, have not tried it yet but I would say the quality of the plastic is really better than my expectation

Krystel Lynch

Very cool brush, poreczna, soft. Fast shipping

Aylin Hodkiewicz

Cute little beautiful brush. No regrets! It's really comfortable to use!

Lily Sipes

Ordered the black one and it looks awesome, quality is good too. Thanks seller

Teresa Osterhaus

All is as described, great product, recommend Just tried it, feels great on the head, very relaxing, recommend 100%!

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