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✔ 5 IN 1 STYLING TOOL: A perfect combination of a hairdryer, comb, hair iron, and hair straightener. With Stera™, you can easily create various hairstyles with only one tool. 

✔ ION TECHNOLOGY: With the latest air-gathering technology and the wide air duct structure, Stera™ can release high-speed airflow that dries hair with smooth, controlled airflow, giving you a smooth, natural-looking finish. It also helps to reduce frizz while defining curls and waves.

✔ 3 PRECISE SETTINGS: Stera™ has 3 different settings for temperature and wind speed to meet your different needs under different situations.  

 ✔ OVERHEATING PROTECTION: The double safety filter at the bottom helps to evenly distribute heat from dissipation holes, protecting your hair from overheating and also from getting sucked during use.

✔ CONVENIENT: The power cable can be rotated 360°. This allows you to move freely without tangling. Lightweight and fairly compact, it is ideal for use at home or during traveling. The brush head is easy to disassemble and replace with just one button. 

✔ FOR ALL HAIRSTYLES: Designed for all hair types, no matter dry or curly hair types, you can easily set your desired hairstyle, giving you a smooth and natural-looking hairstyle.  

How to Use Stera™:
1. Dry your hair with a towel first to achieve faster and better results. Spray the lock with oil or blow dryer lotion to protect the hair from heat and damage. Divide the hair into several parts.
2. Brush the ion brush close to the root and brush it off.
3. Place the hair near the root under the hair and roll it outwards to the end. Hold the hairbrush under the source for 2 to 3 seconds to lift the source.
4. To curl the end, place the curler under the term and hold for 2 to 3 seconds. Then turn it inwards. To wind up the end, intentionally set up the fan for 2-3 seconds and then turn it outwards.

Pack Includes:
2 x Hair Curler Irons
1 x Hairdryer
1 x Soft smoothing hairbrush
1 x Round volumizing hairbrush



Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Marianne Nehlsen

I have NEVER been able to give myself a nice look until I got this! I would dry, then straighten, then use a curling iron. On my first try with this tool, I was able to get gorgeous, soft hair in about 20 minutes. Amazing!

Christina Lindgren

I can't imagine my life without this product, my hair is curly and very voluminous before I spent about an hour and a half just drying my hair and doing flat iron after, with this WONDERFUL brush I reduced my time and being able to dry my hair in 30 minutes, as I did not need to use the flat iron. It's super light and easy to use. It was my best purchase this year, I just love it!!

Cindy Lamarre

The brush left my hair smooth and did a fantastic job. I took it to my hairdresser to show her and she wanted to know where I got it. The pieces are easy to attach and remove and the handle isn't too thick, which is a problem I faced with some of the other units I've tried.

Mary Romero

Very easy and comfortable to work with. Even for long hair, you can have a professional looking style in just minutes with beautiful shiny hair and no frizz. I highly recommend this product.

Anne McDonagh

I was so nervous about using this dryer on my hair but I was soooo pleasantly surprised. The blow-dry time for my curls went from 35 or 40 mins to about 20. I had to get used to turning the dryer on while holding the section of hair I was about to dry next, but once I got that figured out, it was smooth sailing, literally. I would recommend 100%.

Anne-Marie PIETTE

The pink and gray color makes it looks premium. The weight of the dryer is on the lighter side too. I loved the way it transformed my hair. Makes it smooth and shiny and dries quickly.

Andrea Seiler

I purchased this after a friend recommended it. I have fine medium-length hair (4" past shoulders) and this works amazingly on my hair. It doesn't tangle, gives volume, and is much easier to manage than the blow dryer/roll brush combo. The whole process takes maybe less than 15 minutes from starting with wet hair just out of the shower.

Susanne Wobido

I bought this to replace a traditional blow dryer. I've never used the ion kind before. I have thick, fine, wavy medium/long hair. I am very impressed so far by this hairdryer. It dries my hair much faster than the old one and my hair is smoother. I don't find it hard to change the attachments either. I am glad I bought it - makes life easier.

Maricela Rivera

This product is a dream! I have minimal frizz after I dry now and it’s been so amazing. It’s totally worth the money and I won’t be going back to normal blow dryers ever again!

Valeria chianta

Love it so much!! I’ve tried the Dyson but wasn’t impressed with it (!ESPECIALLY FOR THE COST!). I would have to say the lock part isn’t as strong as it should be but what can you expect. I used the hairdryer attachment to go over my roots and all of my hair so it was somewhat dry to cause less damage to my hair. Then I used the medium hairbrush to style my hair perfectly and effortlessly. My hair feels super soft and looks very healthy. GET IT YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!

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