Multi-Functional UV Sterilizer Box

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As recent research reveals that the amount of bacteria on a mobile phone is 18 times more than that in a public restroom, we are all left with no choice but to reconsider how do we tackle germs that are invisible yet so close to us.

✔ UV Sanitizer: UV light from this sterilizer box can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria for your mobile phone. Protect you and your family by effective sterilization and disinfection.

 ✔ Aromatherapy Diffuser: Comes with aromatherapy function. Put some essential oil into the aromatherapy inlet to start having an aroma humidifier for your phones and items in the sanitizer box. Your phones and items will smell very wonderful! 

 ✔ Large Sanitizing Space: It is very large with up to 6.5 inches. It can store more than just your phone. You can put your car keys, house keys, bluetooth earphones, toothbrushes, watches, jewelries and any other small objects. 

✔ Easy to Use: The sanitizer box does not require batteries. Just plug in and it is ready to use. It also comes with a USB port for you to charge your phone while sanitizing your phone. It also comes with a voice system to inform you during your sterilization and also aromatherapy function. Both sterilization and aromatherapy can be performed simultaneously.

Input voltage: 5V
Input Current: 1-2A
UV Light Power: 2x 1W
Max power: 9W
UV Wave Length: 253.7nm
Item size: 225*125*50mm
Item weight: 338g/0.75lb
Material: ABS

Package includes:
1 x UV Sterilizer Box
1 x USB Cable
1 x Instructions Manual  


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Customer Reviews

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Works great. Simple to learn. Love the voice function when you turn it on, it's really cool. Definitely worth purchasing.


Just received my order today. This product is really well made, the quality is very good. It is actually bigger than my expectation, you can put a lot of items in it. The voice function is really awesome.. makes the whole device very premium and smart. It's really a worth purchase... 5 stars


Just received my order. It is very premium quality. There is voice system when you use it... it tells you when it starts to clean. There is also aroma and perfume function but I do not have aroma to try yet. The space is also very big to put items in it. Overall, I am very satisfied. HIGHLY RECOMMENDING!

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