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✔ 360 DEGREE CLEANING: Simply slide the glass or bottle over the bristles and twist a few times to clean both sides of the glass at once. Glask™ cleans with a double-sided bristle brush, 360 degrees with no dead angle cleaning, makes cleaning your glassware very effective. 

✔ FLEXIBLE BRISTLES: The bristles are strong enough to do a thorough scrubbing job, but they won't scratch or damage glass, plastic, or stainless steel cups and bottles.

✔ STRONG SUCTION: There are three big suction cups at the bottom. It grips the base firmly, attaches to the wall table, or attaches to the bottom of the sink steadily. You can clean your glasses and cups steadily!

✔ REMOVABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: Simply rinse Glask™ thoroughly after every use and allow to air dry. To store, simply unscrew the brush head from the base to disassemble.

✔ GUARANTEED QUALITY: The base is made of premium and durable PVC plastic, which is very sturdy and also harmless. The bristles are made of nylon, which is flexible and moderately stiff, ensuring that stubborn stains are removed and also ensures the brush is durable.



Customer Reviews

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Minnie Fox

Works great. I use it to clean baby bottles. The suction works great when it's on the bottom of the sink. It slides if you want it on the side. Highly recommended.

Aliyah Fletcher

Have been using mine on a daily basis ... Very durable! Very impressive!

Bianca Fanara

Received. Thank you for this wonderful product❤️

Phoebe Powell

I love how quickly I can clean glasses with this brush. The suction cups work well, but they have a tendency to collect food underneath and stain. I have also found that I need to always twist the glasses in a counter-clockwise direction because if I turn the other way the tubular brush unscrews from the base.

Raphael Katzmann

I do not have a dishwasher at my home. i am a neat freak and wish i had a dish washer just for sanitizing reasons. however i am very grateful for this brush it works wonders and cuts my time down a lot

Lawrence Mraz

My sink is too small so suction and sturdiness aren't great but cleans bottles better than an actual bottle brush.

Helinä Kuisma

fantastic product.. this is already my 2nd purchase

Chris Parker

Works great my wife loves it

Lola Bermúdez

Cleans bottles better than an actual brush. Good purchase

Sharon Wehner

In the past I have purchased items such as these - most have terrible suction and cannot stick to the surface you want whereas this device works properly - the double brush system makes the job much easier - constructed very well.

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