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✔ UNIQUE APPEARANCE & INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Astrolyte™ projects a stunning representation of a starry night sky onto your ceiling and walls. The starry display includes thousands of twinkling stars, constellations, and sometimes even planets, creating a soothing and immersive cosmic experience. The head of the astronaut can be rotated 360° by magnetic force, projecting the nebula to any place without restriction. In addition, the astronaut's arm can be moved, and it can assume all kinds of poses you want, which is also a good decoration.

✔ ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING EFFECT: Astrolyte™ comes with adjustable settings to customize the lighting effects according to your preferences. You can often control the color of the stars, the rotation speed, and the intensity of the projection, allowing you to create a serene ambiance or a dynamic, visually stimulating environment.

✔ MULTIPLE PROJECTION MODES: Offer various projection modes for you to switch. In addition to the classic starry night, you can choose from options like nebulae, galaxies, or even simulated meteor showers. This versatility enables you to switch between different cosmic scenes to suit different moods or occasions.

✔ REMOTE CONTROL & TIMER: You can use the remote control to adjust the pattern, brightness, and rotation speed to customize the projection effect you like. Star or nebula patterns can be used simultaneously or separately. Besides, you can set the timer to 45 or 90 minutes, in which case the LED star night light projector will automatically turn off when you fall asleep under a starry sky.

✔ SUITABLE FOR MANY OCCASIONS: Astrolyte™ can be used in bedrooms, game rooms, home theaters, desk decorations, room decor aesthetic, and living rooms to provide a cool atmosphere for date nights, game setups, movie nights, parties, or as a night light to accompany kids to sleep.

✔ USB RECHARGEABLE: Powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing you to carry it and place it anywhere you want to, With the built-in lithium battery, it can be used for 6 hours after one full charge of 3 hours. 

Size: 22x12x11cm/‎8.66"D x 4.72"W x 4.33"H
Weight: 408g/14.4oz
Light Source Type: LED
Power time per Charge: 6 hours
Charging interface: USB



Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Paula Fenton

Simply beautiful. Looks even more beautiful in real!

Friedrich Quigley

Very cute and nice design. Love it especially the effects.

Eric Krist

This is my favorite light projector because of the design of the astronaut. Most other light projectors I have had are boring spheres or rectangles, but this one looks cool even when it is off.

Philippe Gaspard

My wife loves it. It fills every spot in the room with stars and light. Way better than any nightlight.

Anna Schimmel

The effect is beautiful and projects super well. Very cute colors and very bright stars. I recommend it. My little girl loved it 🥰

Claire Guerin

This is the best projector; the astronaut is adorable and the lights are beautiful. My 8 and 10 yo daughters are loving it.

Kate Cooke

I bought this astronaut projector for my kids and they loved it so much. This is super cool. The controller settings work great. Highly recommended!

Adrian Osswald

The product itself was nice and the lights were gorgeous, so bright and the astronaut was very cool

Zaria Rau

My daughter bought it for her room now I would like to have one also! 😝ha ha ha it makes me happy to see all the lights glowing in the dark, It’s such an adorable astronaut very cute, great gift.

Cecile Harber

My kids love it.

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