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✔ 3 IN 1 WIRELESS CHARGER: Wisbase™ allows you to charge your gadgets simultaneously. It charges your Qi-enabled and wireless charging-supported phones, Apple Watch, and AirPods at the same time. The wireless charging stand outputs up to 10W for Phones, 5W for AirPods, and 3W for Apple Watch. Powered by the included 18W adapter, with a built-in upgrade coil that increases your charging speed by 35%.

✔ ULTRA FAST CHARGING: Upgrade coil design with a wider charging area brings results in a 35% increase in performance. It is efficient and very electricity-saving. 

✔ UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Supports mobile phones with wireless charging function, Airpods, and iWatch that comply with the Qi standard. Widely compatible with iPhone 14 series/13 series/12 series/11 series/X/XS/XS Max/8, Apple watch 7/6/5/4/3/2/SE, Airpods Pro/3/2, Samsung, and other Qi-enabled phones.

✔ FOLDABLE DESIGN: With ease, smoothly fold it into a phone stand or lay it out flat to charge 3 devices at once, or fold it away for when it is needed. Designed with a slim interchangeable charger that is convenient for all! Inside the soft-touch silicone, holds our advanced magnetic charging technology. It can magnetically stick to iPhones with MagSafe capabilities.

✔ SAFETY PROTECTION: Features multi-functional smart shunt technology with a built-in smart chip that provides over-voltage protection and short-circuits protection, temperature control, and foreign object detection to provide you with a better and safer charging experience.

✔ POWERFUL MAGNETIC HOLD: Wisbase™ adopts a strong magnetic design with built-in high-quality magnets, which can easily align the wireless charging coil, pinpoint the best position for wireless charging of your smartphone, and bring you a fast and stable wireless charging experience. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Louisa Grant

This is by far the best charging station I have tried, and I have tried a lot! Awesome for traveling as it folds up nicely and fits in a purse. I also love that it lays flat and is not real noticeable! Charges all three of my Apple products fast and easy!

Jonathan Sjöberg

The magnetic charger makes it compact and allows you to select only what you need when you don't have all 3 devices. And the charging speed is great even when all 3 devices are connected. Highly recommend!

Lawrence Harvey

I love this all-in-one charging station. I am able to have my iPhone and Watch charging at night and have a full charge in the morning. Works with MagSafe cases too. This one is easy to fold and fits nicely in a bag compared to a stand station.

Gosto Di Maggio

It’s compact and can be folded and utilized in a variety of ways, depending on what you want to charge. I really really like this gizmo!!! Very useful!

Egon Faehlmann

This is a great product! I frequently travel for work and have to pack quite a bit of tech adapters so I’m all in if I can reduce the need for cords and adapters. I saw this product on TikTok and figured why not try it out! It reduces the need to carry three separate charging cords and adapters because it funnels everything into one.

I’ve been using this product for two weeks and it is great! It charges all three of my devices at once, including my iPhone, my Apple Watch, and my wireless earbuds. There’s an indicator light for each charging pad to let you know if your devices have been aligned properly to charge. I haven’t noticed any overheating issues with these wireless charging pads, which is sometimes a concern with third-party, wireless chargers, I also like that it is very slim to travel with.

Jose Luis Gistaín

This is a perfect charging station that does everything it claims to do—charge phone, watch & earbuds. No more hassle with gathering multiple chords or finding enough outlets. Well worth the price.

Osanna Rita

Nice 3 in 1 device. Easy to use and set up.

Anna Nielsen

I wanted something simple which can charge all my accessories while traveling (iPhone, AirPods, iPad). This little thing completely replaces all those messy chargers.

Marie-Laure Bourgeois

I’ve had this product for almost a month now. It’s super easy to use and charges very well. I like that I can just pack it up and take bring it with me easily and I don’t have to worry about bringing so many wires. Plus, it’s super easy to wipe clean. Highly recommended.

Helena Telese

I am always looking for the best way to charge my devices while traveling, and at home. I love this little charger because it can lay flat or fold up into a compact triangle shape. I find that so many hotels do not provide more than one outlet for people to use, so being able to charge three devices by only using one plug is ideal. I will likely purchase another one so I can keep one for home and keep one in my travel bag.

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