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✔ 720° ROTATION: You can easily rotate the tap to any direction you want, making it more convenient for face washing, gargle and storing water, etc.  You can adjust the faucet head to any angle to clean your plates, fruits, and vegetables easily. You can also use it to wash any corner of your sink easily.
✔ WATER-SAVINGIntroduces air into the water stream to produce a larger stream that is soft to the touch and does not splash, achieving a better cleaning effect, while saving 30%~70% water compared with a standard bubble.
✔ TWO WATER OUTLET MODES: 1. Oxygen-enriched foam stream mode produces a soft touch and a non-splashing water stream. Suitable for handwashing, face washing, and mouth washing, etc.
2. Strong sprayer shower mode, suitable for quick cleaning.
✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made of sturdy copper, ABS body, and multi-layer plating for extra durability and longevity. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Flicket™ also includes reinforced double O-ring valves to ensure that all water leaks are prevented!
✔ 4-LAYER NET WATER FILTER: Flicket™ has a four-layer filter with oxygen-rich foam that filters out impurities such as hard particles in the water to prevent them from leaving the spout, providing healthier and cleaner water. 
✔ EASY TO INSTALL: Compatible with most faucets. Can be directly mounted on the faucets with 22mm (0.86 inches) male thread diameter, or use with the included faucet adapter to mount on the faucets with 23.5-24mm (0.92-0.94 inch) female thread diameter.



Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Ernie Harris

This little gem is fun to use! The spray is nice and comes out in such a way it does not splash all over the place. I would definitely buy this again.

Philomène Malet

I love this little gadget. It really does give more force to the water. It swivels so you can clean and rinse the sink. Most of all, I love the feature that turns it into a drinking fountain. Thanks Wallfree for a great gadget.

Bessie Howe

So convenient and works better than expected

Mireille Plante

Very pleased with this product. It is sturdy and well made. Highly recommended.

Melvin Sjögren

Install was about 5min... The product works amazingly. Especially for people with children that must stand on the stool to brush their teeth or people with back issues and can not bend fully over.

Clara Scheuer

Super helpful! Comes with washers and a filter net. Super Easy to install.

Trinidad Serrano

Just gotten mine yesterday. The quality is very good. Will put it to use later

Annabella Manco

Easy to install and instant positive results.

Carmen Berlioz

Very useful, you can move it up, down and around... great idea.

Panu Kivi

It came with a hole in the “bent” part of it. My husband just ended up soldering the hole and it works fine now. I love the drinking fountain function while brushing our teeth.

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