Colour: Stainless steel (white)
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✔ VINTAGE ELEGANCE: FlipTic™ exudes vintage elegance with its timeless design. Crafted with a sleek rectangular frame and minimalist face, it effortlessly blends nostalgia with modern functionality.
✔ MECHANICAL PRECISION: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of mechanical precision as the numbered cards seamlessly flip to unveil the current time. The tactile experience and audible click of each flip provide a satisfying rhythm to your daily routine.

✔ USER-FRIENDLY: Experience the joy of user-friendly simplicity with this FlipTic™. The large, easily readable numerals on flipping cards make timekeeping effortless, while the absence of complex buttons and digital interfaces brings a refreshing simplicity to your time-telling experience.

✔ DURABLE: The quartz movement is constructed to ensure a long lifespan. This includes robust components that can withstand everyday operation for years. The body and frame are made with high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion. It is very durable and it will last for years.

✔ PERFECT DECOR: Embrace the beauty of simplicity with FlipTic™, a minimalist marvel that effortlessly fits into any decor while providing a distinctive way to keep track of time.
✔ LONG LASTING OPERATION: Powered by a "D" battery (battery not included), The average life span per battery is about 6 months as it is designed to consume very little power.



Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Barbara Almeida

Very Elegant and stylish clock

Anne Cohen

Getting a lot of compliments about this clock! Highly recommend.😁👍

Donna Glen

Remarkably accurate, and looks great, I didn’t know I’d like this clock, so much.

Alex Borg

Works great! I have it for 3 months now. Very satisfied

Adriana Vélez

Great old style in a new design. Battery life is very impressive. Highly Recommended!

Sara Deluigi

Our whole family loves this unique clock, It keeps time well and is a great conversation piece when people come to visit.

Roberto Bianco

This is a really cool. Extremely easy to read which was the number one reason why I bought it. Would make a great gift for anyone.

Maria Jensen

The styling of this clock is so fun, I love the large numbers... It’s easy to see across a room. Really cute and so far keeps time well.

Georgianna H.

This is a masterpiece of "minimalist mechanical engineering"... you simply must buy it!

Stefan Westerholm

Very innovative as well as a nice masterpiece too

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