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 GENTLE & EFFECTIVE:  Otix™ is designed to gently and effectively remove excess ear wax without causing discomfort or damage to your delicate ear canal. The kit includes specially crafted tools that ensure a safe and pain-free experience.
 WIDE ANGLE OF 360° & 1080P HD:  It is equipped with a high precision lens with 360° wide-angle view, 1080P HD camera, and 6 levels of brightness LED lights that assist you in removing ear wax safely and effectively by providing a clear view of the ear canal.

 SMART APP CONNECTION: Otix™ is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. To get started, simply scan the QR code to download the app, and connect the ear wax tool via WiFi. The built-in WiFi does not support internet access, and will not access or transmit data from your device. You can use the tool with peace of mind.

USB RECHARGEABLE: Powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing you to carry it and use it anywhere, anytime, With the built-in lithium battery, it can be used for 120 hours after one full charge of 1 hour. It is also designed to operate and stay at a constant temperature close to the human body to provide the best comfort.

✔ WATERPROOF:  The otoscope is waterproof and can be washed with water or wiped with alcohol cotton after use. Please avoid putting the entire device in water. The lens is also fogproof and does not turn blurry.

PROFESSIONAL-GRADE TOOLS: The package comes complete with a range of tools, including:
① Otix™
② 3 ear spoons with a storage bottle
③ Traditional Ear Scoop Kit - Set of 8 Pieces
④ 1 Charging Cable



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Monique Gesnot

I bought this one to check my kids' ears since they constantly have ear pain or infection. It was super easy to install on the phone and has a great quality cam that you can watch on your phone. It has many different attachments to change. It works great and also comes with a charger.

Helena Riemer

This is such a great device. Easy to use, feels durable, very light, battery is sufficient, so easily ready to be used. I have removed so much ear wax with this device. It's a little tricky to use so I approached carefully all the time trying to prevent any ear drum penetrations or anything and it all went well. Highly recommended.

Audrey Barnes

Was able to keep my grandmother from having to go to a specialist to unclog her ear. Restored her hearing. Great product!

Johan Wolfensohn

I highly recommend this item as it will save you a trip to the doctor. Great item great purchase I am grateful.

Vanessa Martini

The tools included are a variety of types, so there should be no problem cleaning your wax. In fact, the size of the tools are quite small yet easy to use I’ve included a photo next to my hand for reference so that you can see what I mean.

Julieta Enríquez

The cam works well and the picture quality is great. If you’re brave enough, this is a great tool.

Erik Murray

This tool is meant for the ears but I use it for my nose. I had brain surgery in December 2022 and they broke my nose and left my septum separated. Now my nose gets filled up and the only way to see what’s going on inside is this tool. I’m so thankful that I have it.

Katrina S.

This is a great kit if you have really bad earwax and want to get a deeper clean

Beatriz Vélez

I'm impressed with the quality but be careful when you use it

Sabrina Berger

Didn't realize how much earwax I had left behind; till I got this product. it works amazingly with a great clear picture...

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