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✔ SPACE SAVERSave valuable countertop space and avoid water stains on your countertops. Rackso™ is a great kitchen sink organizer. Unroll above the sink for air-drying. When not in use, it can quickly roll up for fast and easy storage, or tuck behind the kitchen faucet when not in use.

✔ HEAT RESISTANT & NON-SLIP: Made for heavy-duty heat resistance, it is fully rust & oil resistant and it is also non-slip. It can be used as a vegetable colander and prep works platform over the sink. It is also very durable when it comes to high temperatures.

✔ MULTI-PURPOSEDrain dishes and protect countertops with a roll-up drying rack, designed to securely fit over your sink. Perfect for kitchen accessories, dish drying rack, and more to simplify everyday chores and meal preparation. It is also great for fruit cutting and drying.

✔ INSTANT DRY: Allows airflow to promote drying. Use as a trivet/drying rack for pots, pans, ceramic, porcelain, cloths, sponges, flatware, infant bottles, and much more. Water drips off dishes and directly into the sink. No more messy countertops or leaving items on dish towels. Great cutlery and plate organizer to separate clean from dirty dishes. 

✔ DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of food-grade silicone wrapped metal steel rods, BPA free, and easy to clean. Rackso™ can also last for a long time without losing its quality. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Catherine Brooks

Nice quality and strongly built. It's coated with silicone which feels nice.
Helped me save a lot of space in the small kitchen I have.

Lacie James

Good concept design. Silicone coated nonskid and easy to store

Gilda Bottini

So nice and handy! Can use to drain dishes on, rinse vegetables, sit hot pots and pans. Easy to use and clean.

Lisa Aprile

It works great for extra space over the sink... And if you want to use that side it just rolls out of the way.

Isabella Falkenberg

Awesome! Easy and super convenient

Adélaïde Batteux

Super sturdy for holding even heavy items; Easy to clean; Folds & Adjusts Easily 😊

Herbert Schindler

The quality is definitely beyond my expectation. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Diana Barrett

I have very limited space in my kitchen so this is perfect to air dry my dishes. I even leave my heavy pots on it. Very good quality.

Wayne Reilly

I love love love this dish rack. It's replaced my large strainer. I minimized my dishes so each member of my family has 1 of each thing. That way less dishes for me.

Eve Dixon

Classy looking, Fits perfectly with our modern kitchen.

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