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✔ WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL: Swipe™enables you to remotely control TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, e-books, and many more. You no longer need to constantly slide the screen up/down on your phone when watching short videos or reading novels. Swipe™ can help you complete all operations including scrolling up/down, swiping right/left, pause/start, and volume + -. Keep your hands free with Swipe™!

✔ CAMERA & VIDEO RECORDING: Swipe™ allows you to trigger image or video recording within 33 feet, enabling you to take family photos, selfies, or videos by yourself easily. Eliminates awkward poses when taking group pictures, and prevents your phone from dropping when snapping a selfie with one hand.

✔ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Swipe™ is designed as a ring. It is very easy and convenient to put on your finger. It is also designed to give comfort to the users while wearing it.

✔ FAST CHARGING: Usage time lasts for over 14 hours on a single charge and a total of 86 hours with the charging case. A full charge on the rechargeable case requires only 90 minutes, and comes with automatic power-off when the battery is fully charged to save electricity!

✔ WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with iOS (above 14.8 version) and Android devices. Apply to apps such as Tik Tok, Kindle, Spotify, E-Book, etc. Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 chip creates a quick, unbreakable connection and you can remotely control the paired devices within 33 feet. It will turn off automatedly if without any operation for 30 seconds



Customer Reviews

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Esther Newman

I absolutely love this little remote. Very easy to pair with my phone and use. I use it to watch Tiktoks to switch between videos quickly and I also use it while watching recorded lectures and can stop and take notes that much faster. Highly recommended.

Elisea De Franco

I love this for reading on my Kindle. It seems pretty lazy when I tell people about it…but it works perfectly when I’m in bed, especially when it’s cold and I’m under the covers. Comfortable and convenient. Battery charges last a long time too.

Oscar Rose

It makes scrolling so much easier and your hands are free. Its very convenient.

Nuria Liana

Saw this on TikTok, and ordered it primarily to use on the treadmill while watching videos, or listening to music. Easy to set up and super easy to use.

Marie-José Laurent

I found this is very convenient and helpful. It has helped me crush my reading goals while crushing my gym goals too!
I would 1000% recommend this.

Christopher Schwann

The device can go on either hand and you can turn it upside down to reverse the forward and back buttons. I can't speak at all to its usefulness with other apps, but if you are looking for a page turner, this gets the job done simply well.

Anna Kohler

Instagram, YouTube, and tiktok all work well and are very convenient!

Helena Gómez

Great for when I'm laying in bed or busy working. The power last for very long after each charge too! Great product.

Jonathan Stone

I use it for TikTok and youtube at night and this allows me to scroll without having to take my arms out of the blankets. Very helpful!

Sabrina Jung

Not sure what I was expecting but it’s so tiny and cute. It works well! I wish it could also adjust volume and other things but it’s a great start.

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