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✔ MULTI-FUNCTION:  Effective in cleaning kitchen, bathroom, sink and other places that are easily blocked. Very suitable for catching small things such as precious items, keys, screws, etc.

✔ DURABLE: The handle and shaft are strengthened to make it more durable and easier to operate. The steel shaft of Exilet™ will not get stuck in the pipe during returning, it has good flexibility, can remove the residue that is not easy to clean, and avoid the trouble of removing the pipe. Feel safe to use it as it does not hurt your hand. 

✔ EASY TO USE:  Just hold the handle and insert the steel snake into clogged drains or pipe sewers, then push the handle end to open the claw on the opposite end to grasp stuck obstructions. 

✔ PREMIUM QUALITY:  Made of high-quality stainless steel, not easy to corrode, the handle is made of PP, easy to handle, non-slip, sturdy, and durable.  

✔ EFFECTIVE & SAFE:  More environmental-friendly and cheaper than other drain cleaning solutions. Widely used for clearing clogged bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, tubs, toilet, etc. Dredge the drain blockage in a few minutes easily!



Customer Reviews

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Anna Cordero

I was absolutely horrified at what came up from my drain! I do have long hair but I had NO idea that all of this was stuck in my drain. I LITERALLY just pushed it down there and pulled it back up and it worked. Amazing... This gadget is a must-have in my house and this particular brand seems to be very sturdy

Maximilian Doyle

Such a great product, it was able to pull out what’s causing the clogged. It was a bottle of lemon scent that fell down the toilet and was flushed down without anyone noticing it. Now my toilet works fine. I am so relieved! And totally recommend this product.

Bruce Miller

Saved me a big plumber bill by removing a bottle cap out of my drain that my granddaughter had somehow managed to get down there! Very happy with this product.

Aaron Waldstein

Great to unclog bathroom and kitchen sinks. It pulled stuff out very easily. Better than hiring a plumber

Britta Bergström

Easy to use and it WORKS! I have tried other things and they haven't gotten out anything compared to these. Highly recommend.

Sophie Cooke

it’s disturbing/disgusting yet weirdly satisfying because now my sinks drain!!

Aelizia Thiers

Awesome. Easy to use. Got rid of the blockage in seconds. Would definitely recommend

Maria Larson

Good for small jobs such as a sink or bathtub drain.

Helewis Gaudin

it can fit easily in a sink drain, unlike the older "snakes" and the grab is very strong.

Aline Haudebourg

It is more sturdy/well-put than I actually had thought it would be. It works great, I have used it in 4 different sinks so far with zero issues!

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