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Do you get up a lot at night to go to the bathroom or kitchen? Are you concerned about your partner and kid's healthy sleep? Or have too many dark corners at your place?
iLight™ intelligent motion Sensor works very well in dark closets and it is awesome as a night light in dark rooms; using a sophisticated, high-quality sensor to ensure that the light turns on in the dark when there is motion detected. Place it on stairs, near corners, in hallways, or in your bedroom to make sure you never hurt yourself in the dark again! This makes life easier by giving you sufficient lighting when you are trying to view dark closets and cabinets!
  • ADJUSTABLE: iLight™ is auto-on within 10 ft, auto-off after 15 seconds of no motion detected. iLight™ smart sensor chip with passive infrared (PIR) technology and high sensitivity, accurately detect your movement. It will turn on when motion is detected at night. Automatically senses human motion within 3 m/120° and shuts off after about 15 seconds of no movement. 

  • LONG PERFORMANCE: The 850mAh battery brightens your dark corners for 1 to 3 months under motion sensor mode (Energy Saving) and about 10 hours when you make it under instant-on mode. A micro USB cable is included so that you can simply recharge it with any standard USB charger; mobile phone charger, computer USB port, or power bank. 
      • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: iLight™ is ideal for your bedroom, baby room, closets, cabinet, corridor, workshop, basement, garage, stairwell, oil depots, door, garage entrances, and any other dark place ...

        • EASY TO INSTALL: Pretty compact and stylish, the adhesive strip with magnetic fields is easily attached to and detachable from the lamp body. No tools, screws, or nuts are required. Mount the light on any clean and smooth area, and you're good to go.

        Installation Guidance:
        - Recommended Height: 1.5 - 3 m
        - Keep away from the heat source, humidity, and rain (it is not waterproof)
        - Clean the flat surface before sticking
        - Light won't light up during day time when it is bright enough

        - Don't put 2 iLight™ motion sensors too close. The light of one night light may cause the other not light up if they are too close

        motion sensor night light

        Product Features

        - Color temperature: 6000-6500 K
        - LED: 10 pcs 
        - LED life: > 70,000 H
        - Luminous flux: 180 lm (+/- 20%)
        - Battery-powered: 3.7 V 
        - Influence Distance: 3 m (+/- 20%)
        - Influence Angle: 100(+/-20%)
        - Charging parameter: 5 V, 500 mA (or 1A)
        - Size: 
             . 10 LED: 190*30*15 mm (7.4*1.13*0.5 inches) 
             . 20 LED: 375*33*18 mm (13*1.2*0.6 inches)

        Pack Includes: 1 x LED Light, 1 x Magnetic Strip, 1 x 3M Long Tape, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x User Manual



        Customer Reviews

        Based on 28 reviews
        Joel París

        I used them in a small multi-shelf closet that I didn't want to run electrical to. Overall it was a good purchase.

        Chris Allen

        Extremely impressed with these lights! Magnetic strip is great. Motion detector is great. I use it in my closet. I just purchased a second one for under the kitchen counter as well... Highly recommended!

        Monica Lucini

        The light is bright and the battery lasts longer. I will definitely buy more

        Pilar Urien Perez

        Just gotten mine yesterday and it’s working really well especially on the auto motion detection.

        Maurizio Melgara

        Good product but I would have preferred a warmer light.

        Donatella Mignanelli

        Super bright and easy to install! I put it in our closet on the side so when you open the door it turns on. So much easier than the pull cord! Great product!

        David Richard

        Good product and excellent customer service.Thank you Wallfree

        Sandrine Bessane

        Very good light. Large long and bright, the light is cool, the battery is charged via micro USB. Fastening on a magnetic strip which on an adhesive base can be glued anywhere. I use this type of lamp in the toilet and in the bathroom. In the morning I do not turn on the main light; I like to use the light from these lamps. The charge of batteries I think is enough for at least three weeks depending on your usage. The motion sensor is triggered in 1 second. I hope my feedback will help someone.

        Dominique Maziere

        Awesome. Motion sensor works so well. The illumination is good and has a wide angle of coverage. They're well made and feel sturdy. I have tried some that felt like they might fall apart in my hand. These are not like that at all. So far, I'm super happy. I have them on motion, and they're just sensitive enough. I've ordered a few more. I'll come back and post again once I have an idea of charge life.

        Mariana Maret

        So far the only problem I’m having is that I can’t decide how many more to order! On the initial install, I found them to have a great adhesive and they illuminate the area wonderfully. No one likes bright lights when waking up at night to use the bathroom, I put two of these down my hallway and it’s so much nicer than having to turn on a light. I put them about 12-16 inches off the ground. I also put one in my garage to light the way before I make it to my garage opener. I plan on getting a couple more for my stairways and garage just because it’s so much nicer than having to turn on lights at night.

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