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While laptops bring with them the freedom to move about, flexibility of work location, speed and ease of use, the parades of office hunchbacks using them every day has caused a number of other issues. In particular, health issues are common from repeated use of computers, from eyestrain and neck pain to posture problems. Thankfully, there’s an convenient and affordable solution to ease this stress: Flexi Desk a Laptop Stand! 


Everyone knows that poor posture is bad for long term health. If you’re in front of a screen all day, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture.

When poor posture is not fixed, it slowly leads into more problems. Some common problems that result from poor posture are: Headaches, Muscle Fatigue, Body Aches, Back Pain, and Poor Focus. Not only this but it also affects the vision of your eyes causing the computer vision syndrome.


Do you use your laptop when laying in bed, relaxing on the couch or cooking in the kitchen? Your laptop emits uncomfortable heat on your lap and does not properly vent because there's nowhere for the airflow to go. Meet Flexi Desk, the all in one solution for computing when on the couch or in bed. 
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Our Laptop Table Stand is designed with full control and flexibility for your convenience so that you can use your computer at the most comfortable position. It will reduce neck and shoulder stress due to hours of using your computers, benefits your health and make you free from the neck ache and shoulder pain caused by poor posture.

  • Flexibility of Use: Your laptop stand doesn’t just lend itself for use by a computer. They are versatile at home and in the office items that can do a whole host of other tasks. Want to read a book in bed without having to uncomfortably hold up your arms? There’s a laptop stand for that! How about using a tablet in the family room or kitchen? Save your energy and get a laptop stand. Swiss army knives don’t have anything on the utility of a laptop stand.

  • Adjustable Angle: Of course, the entire point of a functional laptop stand is being able to adjust angles, heights, and distances of your device to your body. In a 2015 survey; it was revealed that nearly 65% of American adults suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, or eye strain caused by digital screens. It’s prompted all sorts of gimmick items to be sold to weary office workers, like computer-specific glasses. Ignore the rest and go for a laptop stand. By adjusting your computer’s angle, you can reduce screen glare and protect the health of your eyes.

  • Adjustable Height: Each folding leg has 3 knobs which can adjust and lock in any height and angle you need. 360°revolve provides the high flexibility just as human. 

      • Super Material: Made of lightweight and high-strength aluminum with 2 non-slip buckle and 6 sturdy adjustable ABS auto-locking joints.  Convenient to use and carry with.
        • Improves Airflow: Keeping your laptop cool is critical for maintaining its longevity. Heat, generally speaking, is the enemy of electronics. It’s why computers have built in fans. One of the most pervasive sources of heat comes from the inability for air to flow underneath your laptop. Laptop stands solve this problem by elevating the device so as to encourage airflow. Some even come with additional fans built in! Not only does it protect your computer’s internal components, but also your body from potential burns.

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