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✔ SPLASH-PROOF WATER BOWL: Els™ has a specialized floating disk that adjusts the water surface automatically as your pet drinks. When your pet's tongue touches the floating disk, it sinks and the water undulates for your pet to drink easily. This function keeps long ears and snouts dry and the area around the bowl clean and clear of drips, splashes, and slippery wet surfaces. Also great for the cat that likes to play with their watering bowl.✔ KEEP WATER CLEAN: The separable 2-piece disk welded design helps prevent dust, dirt, and pet hair from falling into the water to affect water quality. It provides healthy and hygienic water for your beloved pets all day.✔ ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: There is 4 anti-slip rubber on the bottom to keep the bowl steady and prevents it from sliding around.✔ PREMIUM QUALITY: Els™ is BPA free uses only safe, non-toxic materials, features designs that result in minimal hazards, and goes through rigorous testing. There's also a filter embedded under the floating dish ( for the 2L capacity only ), effectively filtering impurities and residual chlorine in the water, providing clean water for your pet.✔ LARGE CAPACITY: Els™ has two different large sizes and a practical capacity of 1 Liter (22.8x18.5x7.6 cm) or 2 Liter (24.1x22.1x8.9 cm). Evaporation is minimized because the water is covered with the floating disk, providing longer-lasting water and also keeping it fresher.✔ EASY TO CLEAN: The edge strip and the floating disk is detachable, which makes cleaning Els™ very easy. We recommend cleaning the floating disk at least twice a week.



Customer Reviews

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Audrey Bates

This was for my 2 dogs... l no longer have a bunch of water on the floors. It's also great for travel. Definitely worth it 👌

Patricia Montilla

My dog knew immediately how to use it. It worked very well! Highly recommending!

Johan Söderlund

This is the best water bowl I have ever bought👍

Claire Fouché

I have a Siamese cat who loves to play in his water bowl. Tired of constantly cleaning up, I got this product and have seen a good decrease in splashing.

Adele D'Apolito

This bowl is a blessing. Mon chat a toujours laissé au moins autant d'eau autour de son bol qu'il en avale. Pas plus! Il boit tellement plus lentement et il n'y a pas d'énormes flaques d'eau tout autour de son bol et derrière chacun de ses pas après avoir bu ! J'adore ce bol

Antonio Valdés

I keep it in the back of my car for my German Shepherd . The system of water replacement as the dog drinks is very clever and it’s as easy to fill as any ordinary bowl.

Jaqueline Schädler

This product is awesome!! No more wet floors!

Marie-Claire Mesny

This bowl keeps their eating area free from puddles, I’m so happy there isn’t a constant mess anymore!

Jose Luis Valle

Highly recommend this product to reduce water drips and it’s also very easy to see when it needs refilling. I have had other bowls that are hard to see when they are empty but this product eliminates that problem

Hersten Åberg

We have a husky who is notorious for leaving trailing rivers and puddles around the water bowl. After trying combinations of mats, boot trays, towels, etc… this is by far the best and simplest solution.

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