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✔ 2 IN 1 EYE COVER: Enjoy™ can be used as a sleeping headphone or eye mask. It features a headband design with built-in wireless speakers which effectively tune out external noises and lull you to sleep. It is very lightweight, which is suitable to carry for travel. The best choice for a nap, relaxation, meditation, travel, etc. 

✔ RELIEVE INSOMNIA & STRESS: Adopts 3D ergonomic technology for the eyes area and block out 100% lights to create the absolute dark zone with music that can put you to sleep better. Enjoy™ is perfect for Relaxation, Insomnia, Air Travel, Car travel, Yoga, Noontime Snooze, Audio Books, Meditation, Kids' Bedtime Reading.

✔ ULTRA-THIN SPEAKERS: Designed with ultra-thin built-in speakers with HD HIFI sound featuring the latest Bluetooth technology that produces great sound quality. It is comfortable enough to wear while lying down and does not cause pressure against your ears while sleeping on your side.  

✔ COMFORTABLE & WASHABLE: Soft foam-covered headphones, all you feel is softy and ease. No pressure, giving you the best comfort. It's Completely washable as well, just remove the headphones from the pouch (gently slide the speakers to the end of the mask, remove the speaker and control panel through the hole), You can also wash it with a washing machine! 

✔ RECHARGEABLE: Powered by a built-in advanced rechargeable lithium battery, Enjoy™ has 10+ hours of playing time with only 2 hours of charging time. If you fall asleep with it on and the battery runs down, this sleep mask with Bluetooth headphones won’t beep to wake you up, you can sleep peacefully all night. (Compatible with most iOS, Android, or Windows system Bluetooth devices. Like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more).



Customer Reviews

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Kenya Johnston

So soft and extremely comfortable. Excellent light blocking when you put it on.

Niall O'Kennedy

My husband loves these sleep headphones. They block out any light, but most important they blocked out my snoring. The sound is great and they are very comfortable. He wears them sometimes just to relax and listen to his music. The speakers are really thin, which is a good thing. You can wear them if you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper. I will be ordering a pair for myself.

Audrey Mills

Very soft and comfortable. The blackout is complete and the sound quality is great. Very impressed with this product and recommend it very highly!

Arto Härmälä

The material is soft and there is a lot of plush so its comfy to sleep in.

Alan Dawson

Very good customer service, product is satisfying and my wife is certainly satisfied.

Marina Castejón

good for sleep & meditation, the only problem is that you have to pull the earphones out if you want to wash it

Freddie Houghton

This product was comfortable and worked well for me as a person who has difficulty falling asleep and is a restless sleeper as well. I have very sensitive ears and found the padding and width of the speakers used helped to prevent irritation though it did require a bit of adjustment which this device easily allows for.

Victoria Guillén

I purchased these to try to block out my husband's snoring, we've tried everything else, I like how this is more than a headband, it covers my eyes as well, it is so soft!

Liam Lechner

incredibly comfortable and adjustable. Instructions are straightforward and connects to my phone immediately. Great product, great price.

Alexander Netzer

Overall this works well for what I need it for, which is to fall asleep while my wife watches some really odd and horrible serial killer documentary. The volume control is easy to use while on. I think the “easy to disassemble” to wash is a bit of an overstatement.

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