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✔ INNOVATIVE DESIGN: By simply pulling the drawstrings, MissChic™ transforms from an open, flat surface into a secure, enclosed pouch in seconds. This quick and efficient closure ensures that your cosmetics are well-protected and organized, even on the go.

✔ HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC:  MissChic™ is made of soft fiber polyester fabric, which is waterproof and durable. The fabric is water-resistant and can effectively protect items stored.

✔ MULTIFUNCTIONAL: While primarily intended for makeup, MissChic™ is incredibly versatile. They can easily double as organizers for jewelry, toiletries, art supplies, or even small electronic gadgets, making them a practical companion for various occasions.

✔ PERFECT FOR DAILY USE: It can be easily matched with more travel-sized toiletries and large skincare products, you can store not only cosmetics but also tools, first aid, medicinal jewelry, pet essentials, school supplies, and many more.

✔ DURABLE & MACHINE WASHABLE:  MissChic™ are low-maintenance and easy to clean. You can also machine-wash them or wipe them clean with a damp cloth.



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Michelle Hill

This is a great makeup bag! I love how quickly I can grab my cosmetics and how fast the bag can be closed with the drawstring.

Anna Kambach

Perfect for what I need, easy open, easy close... great for travel too...

Agnes Chambers

Everything lays flat when open. No more digging. Definitely Recommended!

Natalie Davies

Absolutely love how much this bag can hold... I stuff it with beauty products. It also helps when I have an important day in the morning. I have to get ready for fast so I load up all my skincare and makeup products I’ll be using the night before which makes finding everything super fast instead of digging around for everything I’m trying to find while in a rush. And I love that it’s cheaper than the other options! Definitely a must-have!

Maria Del Carmen Escudero

Nice fabric and easy to clean. Very convenient and compact. I took it on my overseas trip and it hold all the stuff that I need.

Natalina Rizzio

Great for traveling 👍

Lykke Norström

I wish I had found this sooner! Keeps my bag looking so much more organized.

Joëlle Brunelle

Perfect for travel and very cute. Highly Recommended

Rita De Benedetto

Opens up super nicely and no more digging to search for my items.

Ella-Rose Robinson

I just wish it had more pouches for to carry more polishes.

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