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✔ COMFORTABLE & EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Easily cleans and massages your feet from heel to toe. No more bending or stretching to clean your feet, especially those with problems reaching their feet.

 ✔ MAKES SKIN SMOOTHER: Scrubbit™ functions to remove dead skin, exfoliator, hard cocoon, crack, glial hyperplasia, etc. Providing improved blood circulation and giving relaxation to the feet muscles by scrubbing and massaging, which helps to reduce your stress and keeps you relaxed.

✔ A COMPLETE FOOT CARE SYSTEM: Scrubbit™ is shoe-alike with bristles on top and bottom and an upgraded-version pumice stone at the heel that gently cleans and exfoliates your feet. It is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower.

✔ SAFE AND STRONG SUCTION: Features nine suction cups underneath for added safety. The powerful suction cups at the bottom firmly attach to the floor and stay in place. You don't need to worry about a slippery situation.

 ✔ GUARANTEED QUALITY: Scrubbit™ is made of high-quality PVC which is durable, odorless, and eco-friendly. It is tested to be safe to use and suitable for all type of skins.

Box includes: One piece 

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WARRANTY: We Promise to Deliver a Premium Product! Included is a warranty or Full Refund -No Questions Asked! If for any reason you are not satisfied with Scrubbit™ or need support, please contact us immediately at

Please allow 6 to 12 working days for delivery. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Edelberga Di Meglio

We bought these for our father who is 91 years old. He was not washing his feet properly, but now he does. He even called to thank us for the purchase. I then decided to buy them for my husband who has a difficult time bending over due to back surgeries. They're happy with it!!!

Nicholaus D'Aboville

This foot scrubber definitely does it’s job. I shower probably every other day but if there is one thing before I go to bed, I have to wash my feet. It leaves them sparkly clean :)

Betsy Mitchell

I use them every day cause with COVID you can’t get to the beauty shop. Lol

Shaylee Ledner

This item is perfect. It lets you stand up while thoroughly washing Your feet. No more bending over, getting dizzy and falling. This item is great.

Tobias Salguero

Good product

Daniella Grace

This makes me feel like I am truly getting my feet clean plus I can scrub off those harsh calluses on my heels!

Jana Lang

Who doesn’t like clean feet? Especially when I have limited mobility. It gets between the toes very well and I enjoy it every time I shower. Nice and cheap and solved my problem. It also stimulates blood flow in my toes and being a raging diabetic, that changes the game.

Luisa De Marco

Ordered again for my parents. Have already had this and it's really recommended.

Ludwig Taubman

Quality is above expectation. They are a good value for the money

Annabella Hussain

These are such a nice time saver in the shower. My feet are probably getting even cleaner now than before. ❤️ Recommending it.

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